R & S Leasing was started on May 13th, 1982 in Brenham, Texas. It was and still remains a Limited Partnership between Mr. Charlie Rosenbaum, Jr. and Mr. Walt Schoenvogel.

R & S Leasing was established due to the huge oil and gas activity in the surrounding counties. Many oil and gas related services needed facilities quickly and Mr. Rosenbaum saw the need for a leasing company. Mr. Rosenbaum started Chappell Hill Construction Company, a commercial construction company, in 1959. When the oil industry needed buildings, Mr. Rosenbaum saw the opportunity to construct, own, and lease buildings for an extended period of time.

Schlumberger was the first tenant of R & S Leasing. Schlumberger had three facilities leased from R & S Leasing at one time and asked R & S Leasing to construct facilities for them in Tyler and Victoria, Texas.

From metal building/office warehouse facilities, R & S Leasing branched out to leasing mini warehouses. At present R & S Leasing owns and operates 120 mini warehouse units in Brenham, Texas.

In 1987 Chappell Hill Construction built the Bryan High School Gymnasium. During this project Walt Schoenvogel noticed opportunities in the office building market in Bryan/ College Station; which he then pursued. The first building R & S Leasing purchased was the Southwest Professional Building on Southwest Parkway from the Bob Spearman Estate.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s banks and savings & loans were actively getting rid of their real estate holdings. Since that time R & S Leasing has actively pursued commercial real estate properties in Bryan/College Station.

With the growth throughout the Bryan/College Station community R & S Leasing has been able to broaden their real estate investment portfolio and handle all types of real estate including: Medical, Office, & Retail properties. It is now one of the largest local commercial real estate investment companies in Bryan/College Station.

Along with owning commercial real estate investments, R & S Leasing also has a commercial cow calf operation and owns ranches in Washington, Lee, Fayette, and San Saba counties. There are approximately 900 head of cattle in this commercial operation.

Our Goals & Mission

R & S Leasing values the Bryan/College Station community with the hopes of helping others make Bryan/College Station a choice of the future.

The company’s goal is to help continue the growth of B/CS with the hopes of turning into the largest Commercial Real Estate Development/Investment Company in the Brazos Valley.